• Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1944.
  • Present City of residence: Athens, Greece
  • Education: Greek education in Egypt
  • Languages: Greek, English, Arabic, French
  • Art Education: Visual Arts, Printmaking, Graphic Design and Typography (N. D. D.) At Maidstone College of Art, Kent, U.K. from 1961 to 1965 (today’s Kent Institute of Art and Design).
  • E-mail: / Website:
I express myself in a number of languages. As an artist I have been largely using words as part of my visual practice for many years. In fact, I consider typography as the extension to my artistic expression used both as form of information as well as (visual) image. I very often use appropriated words or whole paragraphs in an ''under-cover" way in order to express my hidden feelings and notions. Very often, sequences of images in my work (in a grid) are used to narrate a story or a situation as another way of using words.


2017 “The Right to Be Human”, group show featuring at the Goethe Institut, Thessaloniki, organized by Dr.Thalia Vrachopoulos and Dr. C. Savvopoulos.

2016 “WHISPERS” International group show featuring at the Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art (State Museum of Contemporary Art) as part of the 57th International Film Festival of Thessaloniki

2016 “Reconstructing Paradise” Part of the group show "Identifying The Loss" curated by Dr. Niki Papaspyrou in Amfissa / Greece.

2016 “Collateral Damage” An international group show at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, NY, curated by Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos & Dr. Jungsil Lee.

2015 “The Bankorgs” Performance Dinners No 8 in Athens, An international performance/show which draws inspiration from Donna Haraway’s essay “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-feminism in the last twentieth Century”. It took place at the BIOS Athens Center, curated by Maria Paschalidou.

2015 “WHISPERS” An international show which traces situations/cries expressed discreetly and quietly, like whispers, taking place at the Contemporary Museum in Rethymnon / Crete, curated by Maria Marangou.

2015 “antallaxima” An artists'-books show, presented at the Georgiades Residence in Mytilini/ Lesvos, curated by Dr. Syrago Tsiara, director of the Contemporary Arts Centre of Thessaloniki.

2015 “P.I.G.S.” An international project with the participation of self-gestioned groups of artistic activism presented at a joint organization of ARTHESIS and Nosotros Social Center in March 2015, curated by Dr. G.B. Davos. Athens, GR

2014 “The Rule of Law and the Right to be Human” at the Athens School of Fine Arts,Athens, GR Curators and Organizers: Thalia Vrachopoulos, Ph.D., Professor and Bill Pangburn, Director, Andrew & Anya Shiva Gallery, N.Y. (CUNY). New York.

2013 “War Zone Home” John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Curated by Dr Thalia Vrachopoulos, (CUNY). N.Y.

2013 “Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here” International artists-‘books show assembling artists responses to the tragic 2007 bombing in the cultural centre of Baghdad, curated by the American poet Beau Beausoleil –in various sites & locations in the USA and beyond.

2013 “Expessing the Social Conscience / Art Prints and Human Rights” at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Curated by Dr Thalia Vrachopoulos, (CUNY). New York.

2012“The Symptom Project 3” “To the Limits of Togetherness” curated by Kostis Stafilakis in Amfissa, GR

2012 “Fallen Angels” ” a two artists’ show (D. Meimaroglou+ E. Lyra) curated by Apostolis Artinos at BETON7, Athens GR.

2012 “Shame” Video projection at the “International Comics Festival”, curated by Babel magazine, Athens, GR.

2011 “Reference/Representation” , organized by Zone D-Zoumboulakis Galleries, co-curated by: Kostas Christopoulos, Christos Venetis, Vangelis Gokas and Vassilis Vassilakakis , at the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

2011 “Ten Years After 9/11” ”, co-curated by Helen Frederick and Bill Dunlap, At the Pepco Edison Place Gallery , Washington DC/ USA

2011 “The Symptom Project 2” ”, site specific show curated by Apostolis Artinos, M. Kataga, K. Christopoulos, Tabakika, Amfissa, GR.

2010 “The Athens Dialogues” ”, in public spaces, curated by Marilena Karra, Onassis Foundation Cultural Centre, Athens, GR.

2010 “Night Watch” TAF Art Foundation, Athens, GR.

2009 “biennale 2: Art in Times of Uncertainty” Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art, May-September 2009. Curated by Syrago Tsiara.

2009 “So Close Yet So Far Away” 2nd International Women Artists Biennale Incheon, Korea, August 2009. Curators: Thalia Vrachopoulos, Sutthirat Supaparinya

2008 “Genius Seculi” Despina Meimaroglou+Deimantas Narkevicius Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Syrago Tsiara.

2006 “Masquerades: Femininity, Masculinity and other such certainties”

Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Syrago Tsiara.

2007 “The Athens Effect” Nine Greek Contemporary Artists at Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France. Curated by Birgit Hoffmeister.

2006 “The Athens Effect” Nine Greek Contemporary Artists at Fondazione MUDIMA, Milan, Italy. Curated by Birgit Hoffmeister. Essays by Alexandra Moschovi and Theofilos Tramboulis.

2006 “Flowers in Contemporary Art” An International show curated by Eleni Kypraiou and Stavros Tsingoglou, Benaki Museum, Athens, GR.

2006 “” curated by Vicky Politi, Kalfayan Gallery, Athens, GR.

2006 “Jinin” A mixed media protest-against-the-war installation curated by Theodore Terzopoulos and Maria Marangou, at Attis Theater, Athens, GR.

2005 “Caravansarai” International Artists meeting

organized by the Non Profit Organization

of Cultural Collaboration “Europe-Caucasus” in

Tbilisi, Georgia. Curator Maria Tsantsanoglou.

2005 “Collaboration as a Medium”, 25 Years of Pyramid Atlantic at Edison Gallery, Pepco,

Washington DC, USA.

2004 “International Artists Book Exhibition” Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt. Curator Eva Fotiadi.

2004 “The Sneeze: 80x80International Video Exhibition, Gazon Rouge, Athens GR.

Curators: Natasha Makowski + Peter Lloyd Lewis.

2004 “The Suffering Body” Rethymnon Center of Contemporary Art, Space 8, Rethymnon,

Crete, GR, Curator Dr Stavros Tsingoglou.

2003 “I, Me, Myself ” Rethymnon Center of Contemporary Art, Space 8, Rethymnon,

Crete, GR. Curator Eleni Kypraiou.

2003 ART ATHINA V, Athens, GR.

2002 “Fusion Cuisine” Deste Foundation, Center for Contemporary Art, Athens GR. Curator

Caterina Gregos.

2002 “The Death of Che Guevara” Rethymnon Center of Contemporary Art, Space 8, Rethymnon, Crete, GR, Curator Dr. N. Hadjinikolaou.

2001 “Crosscurrents 2001” The Work of Pyramid Atlantic, University of Maryland Art Gallery, College Park, MD, USA.

2001 “Mythologies of the Book” Contemporary Greek Artists, Book Art Fair, Frankfurt, DE.

2001 “Against the Wall: End of the Fairy Tale” The artist’s participation of for the 1st Human Rights International Art Festival at Hellenic World, Athens GR, Curator Anna Hadjiyannaki.

2000 “In Praise of Paper” American and Vietnamese Artists, Hanoi College of Fine Arts,

Hanoi, Vietnam.

2000 “Women of the World” Flint Institute of Arts, Flint, Michigan, USA.

2000 “Commentary on the Twentieth Century” Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki, GR1999. Curator Bia Papadopoulou.

Y2KAOS” Dieu Donné, Paper Mill, INC., New York, USA.

1999 Emerson Gallery, McLean Project for the arts HyPERsalonMcLean Virginia, USA.

1999 Turing Up the Page, ARTIST BOOKS OF TH NINETIES University of Missouri-Kansas City Gallery of Art, USA.

1998 Baltimore Contemporary Print Fair, The Baltimore Museum of Art, USA.

1998 Turing Up the Page, ARTIST BOOKS OF THE NINETIES Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, Laurel, Maryland, USA.

1998 “Image and Icon”, The Rethymnon Center for Contemporary Art, Crete, GR.

1997 “Image and Icon”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece-

Cultural Capital of Europe. Curator John Stathatos.

1994 ART ATHINA II, Athens, GR.

1993 ART ATHINA I, Athens, GR.

1990 Vers La Liberté - 2eme Biennale des Femmes, Grand Palais, Paris, FR.

1985 Contemporary Greek Printmakers, Municipal Gallery, Athens, GR.

1965 Monotype House, London, UK.



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