Miami Vibes: Dec 2005

MIAMI VIBES: December 2005, is a photographic installation consisting of 49 shots in sequence depicting an unexpected event witnessed by the artist which ended up with the violent police-arrest of two youngsters persecuted for drug violation. The event took place in a crowed part of Miami on a care-free December evening and as the artist describes in her own words: “Here, the challenge which excited me and ignited my imagination, was the opportunity to record an event while it was unfolding by taking digital photos concealingly ‘in real time’. The word-play between Vibes and Vice added an additional meaning to my attempt as it refers to a well-known American-action-television-series”.

MIAMI VIBES: December 2005, was the artist’s participation for the International Photography Meeting organized by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography in April 2007.

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